Volunteer Families & Groups 

Family Volunteer Registration

Parents and guardians should register for the projects they want to attend with children aged 15 and under - see the requirements for volunteers ages 19+.

Be sure to pay special attention to the minimum age requirements posted with each project. Once registered, contact the Volunteer Leader or HandsOn office to add your child or children to the project.


Group Volunteer Registration

For our calendar of 70+ projects, each individual member of your group will need to:

Register an account with us
Complete a New Volunteer Orientation online or in person
Pay a $25 activation fee (ages 19+ only) and sign up for the specific project on our Calendar

Group registration is available for our Annual Events. We also offer custom projects for corporate groups through our Business Services Program.

*This fee may be paid as a group fee by your company. Contact chris@handsonphoenix.org for more information. 

See how we use those activation fees and why financial support is so important to our work!