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How can I search and sign up for volunteer projects?

How do I register and manage my volunteer account?

How do I create and manage a volunteer team?


What kinds of volunteer projects does HandsOn Greater Phoenix have?

Each month, HandsOn Greater Phoenix organizes and manages 60+ hands-on, community service projects in partnership with nonprofits, schools, neighborhoods and government offices. These projects focus on one of nine critical issue areas in the community. Those areas are homelessness/hunger, people living with disabilities, environment, renovation/affordable housing, seniors, animals, tutoring/literacy, children and families. Examples of HandsOn projects include serving meals at a soup kitchen, reading with kids at a homeless shelter, cleaning up Arizona park trails and playing bingo with senior citizens.

We also do large-scale renovation projects like painting homes and murals, building gardens and neighborhood/park clean-ups for special days of service like the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration (January), Serve A Thon for Schools (April), the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance (September) and Make A Difference Day (October).

Why does HandsOn ask for an activation fee?

The services we provide to volunteers cost money, and without support from the volunteers who use our services, we can't afford to continue to offer them. Each year, HandsOn spends approximately $110,000 to scope out and schedule group-based, no-commitment volunteer projects, ensure all projects have supplies, trained Project Leaders, and maintain technology that allows volunteers to find and sign up for these projects online. Consider that we have been doing this for eighteen years - that means we have spent around $1.8 million running our project calendar.

This work not only benefits our nonprofit partners, who need volunteer support, but it also benefits volunteers. We offer a one-stop shop for people who are looking for an easy, fun and efficient way to give back. Our service have a real-world cost, and we believe they have a real-world value. We are asking volunteers who value what we provide to pay a small fee to cover just some of the programs' cost. And remember, we do provide an activation fee waiver for those experiencing economic hardship.

Can I volunteer if I choose not to pay the activation fee or request a waiver?

Yes, but your account will have limited access.

Limited Access Members Can...

  • Search and sign up for Referral Projects posted and managed by our partner agencies.
  • Participate in our BIG Days of Service.
  • Keep track of their volunteer hours with an account on our user-friendly website.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals in your community who are equally passionate about giving back.
  • Receive our electronic newsletter with important information about service opportunities, trainings and more!
So what's the difference between full access and limited access?
  • FULL ACCESS (volunteers ages 19+ who pay the activation fee or receive a financial waiver and all volunteers ages 18 or under): Unlimited access to our 60+ direct service Calendar Projects occurring each month, and a free HandsOn Volunteer t-shirt. 
  • LIMITED ACCESS (volunteers ages 19+ who opt not to pay the activation fee): 

Can I volunteer with a group?

Yes! For our calendar of 60+ projects, each individual member of your group will need to:

  1. Register an account with us
  2. Complete either an online or in-person orientation session
  3. Pay the activation fee (for ages 19+ only)*
  4. Sign up for the specific project

Group registration is available for our large-scale days of service such as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration (January), Serve A Thon for Schools (April), the 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance (September), and A Day for Downtown (November). Details for these days are typically posted on our homepage. We also offer custom projects for corporate groups through our Business Services program.

*The fee may be paid as a group fee by your company. Contact chris@handsonphoenix.org for more information.

What about youth groups (ages 15 & under)?

For youth groups with children under 12, one adult chaperone must be present for every five children; for youth 13 and over, one adult chaperone must be present for every ten children. Adult chaperones should adhere to the requirements for volunteers ages 19+ and should contact the Project Leader or the HandsOn office to let us know how many children will be participating in the project. Each youth volunteer who will attend the group project without a parent or guardian MUST bring a signed Youth Waiver to the project.

How much time do I have to commit each month?

It's entirely up to you! Our goal is to make volunteering easy for everyone to fit into their busy schedules, so we offer projects with varying commitment levels. You can volunteer as much or as little as you like, based on your schedule. Volunteer projects last between one and four hours.

How do I sign up for a specific volunteer project?

Click on "Find an Opportunity" in the horizontal menu bar to find projects that interest you. You have the option of searching for projects that match your interest, skills or geographic preference, or browsing everything we have to offer. Once you see a project you want to attend, click "Sign Me Up." You will receive an email with the project address, directions, contact information for your Project Leader and any other special instructions. You will also receive a reminder email a few days before the project as well as a post-project feedback email.

If you find that you cannot attend a project, please re-visit your confirmation email. In it, you will find a link that you can click to un-register yourself and free up your space for another volunteer. This is important, as our projects depend on a specific number of volunteers to complete work tasks.

What if I don't receive a confirmation email?

Please check your spam/bulk/junk email folder and be sure that the domain @handsonphoenix.org is added to your safe senders list. You may also contact our office for assistance at info@handsonphoenix.org, or call 602.973.2212.

What about more committed volunteer opportunities?

We offer tutoring, skills-based, AmeriCorps, or volunteer leadership opportunities that require an ongoing commitment. Committed volunteers must complete additional training and submit a fingerprint and background check.

What is a Volunteer Leader?

Each of our calendar projects is supervised by a Volunteer Leader (VL). VLs are extraordinary volunteers who provide the leadership and commitment to make all HandsOn Greater Phoenix projects worthwhile and enjoyable. VLs are responsible for responding to volunteers interested in the project, organizing the project details, supplies, and educating participating volunteers about the partner organization and project. We always need more leaders. If you're interested in becoming a Volunteer Leader, please contact Nadai Wylie, nadai@handsonphoenix.org or call 602.973.2212 x 240.

Can I volunteer with HandsOn Greater Phoenix to fulfill court-mandated community service?

Unfortunately, HandsOn Greater Phoenix doesn't currently sign off on any court-mandated community service hours.

What if I have an idea for a new project or want to become a partner organization?

We are always looking for new projects and partner organizations. If you have an idea for a specific project or would like to learn more about becoming a partner organization, contact our office and any staff member can help you.

What if my question isn't answered here?

For any additional questions not answered here, please email our office at info@handsonphoenix.org or call 602.973.2212.