HandsOn Greater Phoenix is committed to supporting our non-profit, school and government partners with volunteer management leadership and access to our thousands of wonderful volunteers. We're looking to YOU, our partners, to let us know what your needs are and how we can best support you with volunteers. To date, our efforts around COVID-19 support have focused on these areas, but we stand ready to help wherever we are needed.

  • Supporting health care workers
  • Supporting vulnerable populations

Request Volunteers

If your organization is in need of volunteer support in order to deliver the critical services of your mission, we're here to help. The first step is to check if your organization is already one of our active community service partners. Review Active Partner link below. If you see your organization already listed, please email info@handsonphoenix.org and we'll get a staff account created for you. If not, please fill out our New Partner Interest Form which will create staff and organization accounts.

Active Community Service Partners

New Partner Interest Form

After your accounts have been activated, our staff will send you a welcome email that outlines the various partnership opportunities and ways we can support your organization.

Our Model

  • Calendar Projects: Direct service proejcts held weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly on a regular basis. HandsOn recruits and trains a committed Volunteer Leader to oversee our volunteers at your Calendar Project.
  • All volunteers sign a volunteer code of ethics and waiver of liability prior to attending projects. Additionally, COVID-19 specific orientation and guidelines will be practiced at all of our Calendar Projects. 
  • Calendar Projects are team-based and hands-on. With the exception of certain projects that will be modified for social distancing, we typically encourage groups of 5-20 volunteers.
  • Referral Projects: Advertise the volunteer opportunities managed by your organization on the HandsOn website. Please note, you are responsible for contacting, coordinating and managing the volunteers you receive from your Referral Project posting. 
  • Volunteers are recruited from our existing base of over 24,000 volunteers. Our volunteers come from all walks of life! They're students, retirees, families, corporate teams, church groups, service clubs and much more!