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Small Business Volunteer Membership Program

While custom projects work well for companies that have dedicated budgets for corporate volunteering, that option is not always viable for smaller companies. Our Small Business Membership program is intended for local businesses. The Small Business Membership Program allows your employees to use our volunteer opportunity calendar to volunteer individually or in small groups throughout the year.


Here's what is included with your membership:

  • Access to our Volunteer Opportunity Calendar
  • Project Selection and Reservation Assistance
  • Volunteer Engagement Reports Annually (available upon request)


Here’s how it works:

Companies pay a one time fee of $50 per employee to have individual registered accounts on our site. Once the accounts are established, employees may sign up for any available volunteer opportunity on our Volunteer Opportunity Calendar or volunteer together in small groups.

  • If your company registers 25 employees or less, we will reserve up to two group projects per year for up to 15 individuals.
  • If your company registers 26 or more employees, we will reserve up to four group projects per year for up to 15 individuals.


Complete the form to apply for the program!

Still have questions? Email for more information.

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