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Glendale Fire Department Crisis Response Program

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) is made up of dedicated volunteers trained by the Glendale Fire Department to assist firefighters, police officers and the citizens of the West Valley during 911 calls. They specialize in being compassionate and professional during a time of need to those experiencing a crisis. Some team members have a background in behavioral health, emergency medicine, victim assistance and crisis intervention. Their main job is to provide immediate crisis intervention and referrals to victims, families and witnesses after a traumatic event, as well as to guide citizens in the right direction after the event. Crisis Response teams “live” at a fire station for the duration of their shift. A shift consists of 6, 12 or 24 hours. The six hour shift starts at 6 PM and goes till midnight. The 12 hour shift can start at either 8 AM and go till 8 PM, or it can start at 8 PM and go till 8 AM. The 24 hour shifts typically starts at 8 AM and last until the next morning. However, a “reverse 24” is allowed, starting at 8 PM and lasting until the next evening. During the shift, a team could respond to a multitude of calls, ranging from a code, house fire, car accident (962), to a drowning, suicide or homicide.

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