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Personal Information


What is the max. time in MINUTES you are willing to drive to your school site?

Check all grades and subjects you would are able to support.

Share your availability during a typical week. This does NOT set your schedule.

Please check ALL the POSSIBLE days/times you could serve in the classroom. Evening hours (3-6pm) apply to High School only.

Experience and History

In what sector have you spent the longest duration of your working life (i.e. Marketing, Social Work, Business, Engineering, Real Estate, Retail, Homemaker, Elementary Education, currently Full Time Student, etc.)?

In what other sector have you spent a significant duration of your working life?

(NOT REQUIRED) If you have any special training or certifications (even if expired or out-of-state) that makes you highly qualified to work with K-12 students, please list the TITLE(s) of those credentials below.

Please list 3: Professional References #1 & 2 (Supervisor, coworker)- include Name, Phone &/or Email; #3 is a Personal Reference (friend, neighbor) Name, Phone &/or Email

Type your Initials and Date below if you agree with the following statement: CERTIFICATION: I certify that all of the statements made in this application are true, correct, and complete, to the best of my knowledge, and are made in good faith. I understand that misinformation or omission of information could result in disqualification and/or termination as a Your Experience Counts volunteer. I also give my consent for the background security check which is conducted annually for this program.