Volunteer Leaders

Double your impact as a HandsOn Volunteer Leader! Address the Valley's most pressing issues while inspiring other volunteers. Choose a project you're passionate about that occurs at a time and place that's convenient for you, and create a positive service experience for local agencies and volunteers alike. Volunteer Leaders can commit to oversee volunteers in service at our regularly-occurring Calendar Projects, or at our one-time service events and corporate projects.

How Do I Start?

It's easy!

1. Fill out our Volunteer Leader Application.

2. Attend a brief training with HandsOn staff; we'll make sure you have everything you need to lead a successful volunteer project!

3. We'll match you with a project that's perfect for your interest and schedule, and provide ongoing support so you can help volunteers make the biggest possible impact! Click here to view our current list of Calendar Projects that need Leaders.

Questions? Contact Jen Santangelo at 623.223.9253 or jen@handsonphoenix.org.