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Founded by a diverse group of volunteers - including veterans of Uber, Facebook, and Google and students beginning their careers - Helping Hands is built and operated by a team of over 100 volunteers around the world with backgrounds in engineering, design, operations, marketing, and policy. We have experience building solutions for scale, and we're using that knowledge to help communities shelter in place while still getting what they need to remain comfortable. The more we stay home, the slower the virus will spread. This gives our medical professionals and the healthcare system precious time to ready the resources we need to treat the ill - time that can literally be the difference between life and death. Bringing supplies and comfort to our most vulnerable community members protects them from infection, supports our healthcare professionals on the front lines of this fight, and lets our entire community stay safer, together.

Senior Services
Low-income Communities, People with Disabilities, People with Health-based Concerns
Phoenix, AZ, 85251

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