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The Donkeys of the Heart, Inc

Donkeys provide both therapeutic and educational opportunities, for children and adults with cognitive, mental and behavior challenges. including the at-risk community, and military populations. Equine (Donkey) Assisted Learning EAL, (Equine Assisted Learning) is a form of human-equine interaction that provides a personal learning experience for the client.EAL promotes the development of self-awareness, skillsself-esteem, confidence, problem solving skills, emotion regulations, self-control.While an EAL experience is educational and beneficialto one’s wellness, it is not considered therapy.EAL program is strictly a groundwork (non-riding) program.   Equine (Donkey) Facilitated Psychotherapy Donkey Facilitated Psychotherapy is one of the true forms of equine therapy. An EFP (Equine Facility Psychotherapy) session is conducted by a licensed mental health professional, that partners with another credentialed, equine professional to address psychotherapy goals set by the clinician and the client. The sessions focus on behavioral changes and self-improvement.EFP sessions can help a person discover the root of their struggle.Non riding is involved in our program.

Health & Wellness
Families, Low-income Communities, Military/Veterans, People with Disabilities
Cave Creek, AZ, 85331