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Primary Aldosteronism Foundation

The Primary Aldosteronism Foundation is committed to advancing standards of care for affected patients through proper diagnosis and treatment, actionable research and inclusive collaboration.

Nearly one million Arizonans (1 in 8 Americans) have primary aldosteronism and do not know they do. Thirty-five percent of them could be cured by surgery, and the others could manage their disease with medical treatment. Instead, they develop debilitating symptoms, and cardiorenal and metabolic diseases, while they could enjoy a longer and healthier life.

We are a patient initiative created to make accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment a reality for all affected patients:

  • We promote innovative ways to reach those who are undiagnosed to support them on the road to treatment, and to include their lived experiences in care and research processes;
  • We work with healthcare stakeholders and industry leaders to design and implement interventions to remediate the critical factors preventing diagnosis and treatment;
  • We advocate research funding proportional to the number of affected patients with the aim to fill the knowledge gap about excess aldosterone, and translate this knowledge into effective healthcare solutions.

We serve the primary aldosteronism community worldwide, and are headquartered in Arizona.

Health & Wellness
Families, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay,Bisexual,Transgender), Low-income Communities, People with Disabilities, People with Health-based Concerns
Phoenix, AZ, 85044

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