Organization Profile

Justa Center is a day resource center for seniors 55 and older who are homeless in the metro Phoenix area. Justa Center transforms lives while assisting seniors to find appropriate housing, employment, and other much-needed services.  Founded in 2006, Justa Center is where the senior homeless can find support, relief, friends, and a start to get their life back on track. In addition to transition resources, the Justa Center Extended Care program helps with move-in, start-up and continued care for our members. Justa Center has over 3,500 visits per month through the day center and home visits.

Our mission is the transformation of lives by treating every person, regardless of their situation in life, with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Our method is to implement resources that will empower each person who comes to Justa Center with the ability to get out of homelessness and to reintegrate back into society.

Our commitment to our members, donors and community is to…

  • Treat every person who comes to Justa Center with dignity and respect.
  • Maintain a safe place where homeless seniors feel welcome and safe.
  • Proactively involve the member to improve his/her life.
  • Mobilize volunteers and community resources to provide ongoing support to keep seniors from returning to the streets and shelters.

Hunger & Homelessness
Phoenix, AZ, 85007